What is Mass Production?

Mass production is the name given to a technique that allows production of low-cost goods and services in large scale.

mass production in manufacturing

Be that as it may, mass production doesn't need to mean low-quality production. Rather, massively delivered products are standardized by the method for quality standards.

The mass production process itself is portrayed by the help of machines to accomplish large quantity production, as it majorly lies on division and specialization of labor.

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For a mass production to be successful, there must be a massive consumption of goods and services which are produced.

History of Mass Production

Mass production was introduced in the late 1910s and 1920s by Motor Company owned by Henry Ford - a person who invented electric motor based on the assembly line that replaced cottage industry production process.

Before mass production techniques were innovated by Henry Ford, manufacturers made goods per order. They didn’t produce goods in the dubious expectation of marketing them at some later date. They made goods when they knew they had a ready customer.

Benefits of Mass Production

The benefits of mass production are indeed simple, yet they have transformed the society from the error of cottage industry, where goods and services were expensive. Below are some of the advantages.

1. Economy of scale

robots in mass production

Due to the production of commodities in large scale, it lowers the cost per unit - thus increasing its profit.

2. Flow production

With mass production, there is the constant manufacturing of the product, thanks to the present powered automation. It speeds up the production of the products.

3. Division of labor

Mass production is based on the Adam Smith principle of labor division and specialization. This means an individual is assigned to a task he/she is best suited. It results in the production of higher quality products and saves time.

Disadvantages of Mass Production

As you know, anything that has pros also has the accompanying cons.

The main disadvantage of mass production is its expensiveness. The assembly line needed for mass production is expensive to acquire and maintain.

Additionally, there is the cost of labor due to division and specialization.

Generally, mass production has many advantages compared to its disadvantages.