Steps to Tackle Bed Bug Infestation

The EPA has found that there is a greater incidence of bed bug infestation in the country. It suspects more frequent travel, lack of knowledge about ways of eradicating bed bugs, and their greater resistance to pesticides. While bed bugs are a public health issue, they are not directly responsible for transmitting diseases to humans. Instead, they suck blood and leave itches and rashes.
The best way to reduce the incidence of bed bugs in your home is taking adequate precautions to prevent their entry and multiplication. For this you need to reduce clutter as this will help eliminate the places where bed bugs can hide. You should also wash bed linen and covers frequently and dry them in high heat to kill bed bugs.
Non-Chemical Treatment
If you suspect a bed bug infestation, you need to first confirm this by examining the insect. The treatment for eradicating your home of bed bugs is different from that for getting rid of fleas, so identifying the pest is the first step.
Bed bugs cannot survive in high heat. They die when exposed to heat over 113° Fahrenheit or 45° Celsius. This can be achieved by placing infested bedding and carpets in the sun and testing their temperature using a thermometer.
Another way of reducing the number of bed bugs is to thoroughly vacuum the room including the mattress, carpets, rugs, crevices, and other areas where the bed bugs can hide. You need to immediately remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner and seal it in an air tight bag and dispose of it before the bed bugs escape and spread.
Chemical Treatment
If the bed bug infestation does not respond to these steps, you need to use chemical pesticides. However, this is best done by a professional pest control service as they will ensure safe application of the pesticides and implement an integrated pest control method to eradicate your home of the bed bugs.
Infected Upholstery
While most bedding and upholstery can be saved after a bed bug infestation, sometimes one needs to dispose of some of the mattresses. In such cases, you need to ensure that the bed bugs do not spread by making sure that no one uses the mattress or rug you are disposing off. This can be done by slashing the mattress or cutting the rug or taking it to the land fill yourself. For an instant quote contact Pest Control NYC today.